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Full stack developer and stand-up comic.

How to create and merge GitHub branches using the GitHub website or your command line/terminal.

In my software engineering bootcamp, creating and merging branches was the bane of my existence. If you’re just starting out in full stack or web development, I’m sure you’re also all too familiar with the…

What is an MVC and how do we use the design pattern?

MVC is an acronym, and we love acronyms, that stands for Model-View-Controller. It is a Javascript technique used for app design that divides an application into three interdependent parts: the Model is the the data stored in the…

What is <Link>? How does <Link> work? How do I use <Link>? Why so many questions?

No 😔Unfortunately not that Link.

React provides a declarative component for redirecting within a Single Page Application. The <Link> Component works by using a string as an accessible navigator to different parts of your webpage, by concatenating the pathway you have assigned it. It looks a little something like this:

A handy shortcut alternative to the if statement in JavaScript.

Image courtesy of

Last week I discussed conditional statements in JavaScript, their syntax and how to implement them in your code. Conditional statements in JavaScript using keywords like if, else, and else if can be expressed instead using the ternary operator (or “conditional…

You’ve probably seen keywords like if, else if and else in code. These are conditionals: bits of code that only run if a specified condition is met! Conditionals are handy when you want to interpret some data and do something with that data via your code if the data meets…

This is a guide to starting your React single page application with the Create React App environment.

Create React App

“Create React App” is perhaps the best environment for React beginners looking to create a Single Page Application or SPA: a dynamic web app implementation that only loads a single web document. Using…

A quick guide to a fun border effect in CSS.

Dressing room vanity mirror.

While creating my website I had the idea to surround all important content and links with a “dressing room mirror” border that changed color or “lit up” when the content was hovered over. Here’s how I did it.

The Desired Effect


I don’t know about you, but I’ve been sweating at the idea of a technical interview in the months since I’ve finished my coding bootcamp. Well, I’ve just had my first technical interview and… it wasn’t so bad! This was a first round interview with very basic data, prompt and…

Resources for deploying your project to the world wide web.

We’ve moved it all online as of March (2020).

After completing a project intended for user interaction on the internet, how does one go about deploying it to the actual web? Once both the backend and front end of your application (routes, user interface and all those fun aspects…

A quick and easy guide to making social links that pop!

Use social media icons and simple CSS to make stylish links in React!

Step 1 — Find an image and upload to your React App file

Find an icon image file (preferably high definition, transparent background etc), and select the image size that best suits the needs of your design. Then download…

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