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Full stack developer and stand-up comic.

“Hooks let us build components with less effort, and create better user experiences.” — Dan Abramov

SpongeBob gif from the Season 1, Episode 20 “Hooky.”
SpongeBob gif from the Season 1, Episode 20 “Hooky.”

Hooks are a relatively new addition in React 16.8, released in February 2019. Hooks let you “hook into” React features from components. They enable one to use state and other such features without having to write a class. Hooks are also backwards-compatible, meaning they are interoperable with older versions of React.

The State Hook

The State Hook is imported as {useState} from React in a given component. “useState” returns two values, a variable with a current state value, and a function that can be called upon to…

A crash course in manipulating webpage style with basic CSS Properties

So you’re new to CSS, and you’re thinking “What is it?,” or “A 90 minute lecture was a very short time to cover such a complex topic!” Or perhaps you simply thought you typed “cats” into a search bar, after one too many gin-and-tonics, and found yourself stumbling through the saloon-doors of this very hastily-written blog.

Whatever the case, welcome! What follows is a brief introduction to some basic and fun properties of Cascading Style Sheets, a style sheet language used to style documents written in various markup languages, like HTML.

🎵 Come with us now on a journey through time and space and style sheets… 🎶

In the following examples I used the W3Schools in-site…

Enumerable refers a method provided by Ruby that accesses, or iterates over, every element in a collection of data and can manipulate said element in whichever way you choose!

Yeah, I thought coding would be like this too. Alas, we have to learn the very basics first.


By using .all? on an array, every element accessed will be tested against rules set by the block, and will only return true if all of the elements meet the block’s requirements:

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